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In our program, you will gain advanced nursing knowledge for practice, policy, and education. This knowledge and new skills will open career options in nursing and healthcare. You will become a leader in your field through clinical practica or co-op learning opportunities.

We offer our programs through online/distributed learning platforms. You will collaborate in communities of learners while you continue your professional work.

Degree programs offered

Program Expected length Project or thesis Course-based
APL, NUED 2 years full-time; 3-4 years part-time Yes Yes
NP 2 years Yes Yes
MN +MSc 3-5 years Yes No
PhD 4 years Yes No

Quick facts

Program options:
Masters, Doctorate, Distance
Program delivery:
Distance/Off-campus, Other: Online
Dynamic learning:
Co-op optional, Other: Practice experience

Areas of focus

  • Nursing practices and knowledge
  • Nursing and health policy
  • Professional practices
  • Nurse education and teaching
  • Health system leadership
  • Nursing philosophy
  • Integrated primary health care
  • Nursing ethics

Need help?

Contact Russell Hawkins at or 250-721-8994.

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