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Haneul Jang

2021 Engineering & Computer Science Co-op Student of the Year

Danielle Lowe


Third-year engineering student Haneul Jang put his interest in mechatronics and computer-aided engineering to use during a work term with the University of Victoria’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he researched and designed upgrades for the third-year undergraduate vibration laboratory.

Having lived in several countries and experienced diverse cultures, Haneul’s adaptability and determination helped him apply his studies practically to find and implement solutions in the lab. He was tasked with designing a lab that would improve student learning and engagement, which meant applying his practical knowledge about vibrations, signal analysis, and control systems.

“The depth of learning from this single work term was far deeper than in the labs for my courses,” Haneul says. By the end of his work term, the vibration laboratory had been completely upgraded, and his supervisor, Dr. Vahid Ahsani, had offered him independent work on more complicated interdisciplinary experiments.

Over the course of his work term, Haneul came to embrace challenges in the lab environment as learning opportunities. “I faced failures, but this made success far more valuable,” he says. “Now, I try to view each encounter with a curious mind and look for opportunities that will grant me new skills, knowledge, and perspective.”

What's next?

After developing his confidence and skills in the lab, Haneul has secured a work term doing mechanical engineering design for a private sector firm. “I feel more prepared for my career through this work experience,” he says.

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