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Sustainable Development Goal 6

Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Learn how UVic advanced SDG 6 during 2022:

453,231 m3

Volume of water used in the university in 2022

20.37 m3

Volume of water consumption per person in 2022



Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22

Education & student experience

SDG 6 in action at Co-op and Career
Uvic's Cooperative Education and Careers program logo next to the United Nations Sustainable Development Wheel logo

Discover how Co-op students are addressing SDG 6

World Water Day
Hand drawn picture of a rural landscape showing a section of the ground with water stored below the surface. Artwork from the UN World Water Day 2022: Groundwater

Expert conversations to protect groundwater: hydrology, groundwater law and policy, and Indigenous health and well-being

Clean water and sanitation
Caetano Dorea and UVic PhD candidate Camille Zimmer test drinking water using the membrane filtration technique, a standard lab technique that was adapted for field use and is being deployed globally.

Leading national project to tackle water and sanitation crisis

Courses on water
Text containing the legend: "Continuing Studies @ UVic"

Hands-on workshops, courses and programs in water and sustainability that make a difference in our environment


POLIS Water Project
Logo of the Water Sustainability Project, part of POLIS Project on Ecological Governance. The title is accompanied by artwork depicting a river flowing in between a city ad a forest, with the sun at the end of the watershed

Driving innovative water and watershed law, policy and governance reform towards a sustainable freshwater future

Water and Indigenous knowledge
Poster of the webinar: "Indigenous Knowledge Aspects of Community Based Water Monitoring & Data Management, April 26, 2022", featuring the screen shots of some of the participants, as well as the logos of the partners: "Collaborative Monitoring Initiative:, "Polis Water Sustainability Project", BC Freshwater legacy initiative" and "Watershed BC"

Webinars about Indigenous knowledge in community-based water monitoring & data management projects

Photo of UVic's Professor Tom Gleeson in an agricultural field being irrigated

Solving complex challenges and advancing research ensuring water security locally and around the world

Water and climate
Logo of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, depicting a section where two concentric circles meet. The logo represents the discoveries and solutions that emerge when Research Partners and Solution Seekers  work together.

Examining the climate crisis’ impact on water above and below the Earth’s surface — and on government decisions

Community & campus operations

Water lab
Stock image of a female and a male UVic students manipulating samples in a lab

Developing an affordable, accessible and effective test to detect arsenic in drinking water

Water reading guide
Collage of multiple book covers as part of the reading selection, for example: "The Unlikely detective", "The Mighty River", "The Big Thirst", "Sweetwater", etcetera.

A selection of reading recommendations from members of the POLIS team related to water and ecological governance

Global Indigenous partnerships on water
Group photo of UVic's UVic assistant professor Crystal Tremblay and a group of Indigenous (Maasai) leaders from Tanzania: Samwel Nangiria Taresero, Nalaimuta Oletutayo Makeseni and Mark Leshao Talash at Carcross-Tagish First Nations Cultural Centre during a 2019 two-day visit

A selection of reading recommendations from members of the POLIS team related to water and ecological governance

Expertise on water and climate
Augmented digital image of a droplet falling into the water, creating waves

Expert Q&A on water crisis amidst climate change

Policy & policy making

Water policy
Stock picture of a "UVic Vikes" branded aluminum bottle being refilled at a drinking water fountain  on campus

Institutional work towards water use reduction, recovery and stewardship practices

Protecting watersheds
Logo of UVic's Environmental Law Centre, with a green maple leaf

Indigenous co-governance in protecting the Athabasca river from tar sands effluent

Securing water in BC
Profile picture of Oliver Brandes, smiling at the camera with a green natural background

Securing and protecting our water and its natural habitat

Climate and water crisis
Poster containing the text: "The climate crisis is a water crisis"

Bringing together Members of Parliament, Indigenous leaders and water experts