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Sustainable Development Goal 1

Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Learn how UVic advanced SDG 1 during 2022:


students received financial aid

(undergraduate and graduate)

scholarships awarded

(undergraduate students)

total amount awarded

(undergraduate students)

Faculty Members Published on SDG 1

Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22

Journal Articles on SDG 1

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Citations of SDG 1 Research

Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22

Education & student experience

SDG 1 in action at Co-op and Career
Uvic's Cooperative Education and Careers program logo next to the United Nations Sustainable Development Wheel logo

Discover how Co-op students are addressing SDG 1

Shoestring Initiative
Logo of the Shoestring Initiative depicting an exclamation mark made out of overlapping round dialogue symbols. Next to the logo there is an image of a dandelion growing in between two floor tiles, used as a symbol of strength and resilience for persons from and/or living in poverty .

A grassroots initiative that supports people from or living in poverty

Financial aid
Photo of a male student sitting at a desk, receiving information from a staff person about financial aid opportunities in the university

Student Awards and Financial Aid at UVic

MBA in Advancing Reconciliation
Photo of the entrance of the First Peoples House at UVic, featuring the two poles carved by Tsawout artist Doug LaFortune

First custom MBA in Advancing Reconciliation


Child poverty
UVic's Martlet avatar with the legend: School of Social Work

Poverty and Indigenous children in the welfare system

Housing solutions
Logo of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, depicting a section where two concentric circles meet. The logo represents the discoveries and solutions that emerge when Research Partners and Solution Seekers  work together.

Retrofitting shipping containers into modular homes

Refugees and employment
Picture of Dr. Stacey Fitzsimmons smiling at the camara with a green background at the UVic campus

Expert on best practices for refugee-employee success

Intersectional approaches to poverty
Poster of the movie "The Thinking Garden", with a picture a female farmer in a corn field in South Africa with a pumpkin on top of her hat. The poster includes logos of twelve festival selections and film awards.

Intersecting histories of poverty, gender, and race

Community & campus operations

Indigenous economy
Logo of National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development, created by Indigenous artist Lianna Spence, representing the sun and symbolizing a hub that radiates its rays towards valued partners. In the artist’s words, the sun generates the power to learn – to grow – and to succeed!

Supporting Indigenous economic development

Entrepreneurship support
Photo of a young female entrepreneur petting a dog, as she promotes her enterprise producing cricket based dog food. The image is accompanied by the text: Accelerate Innovation at UVic Kwench

New UVic innovation centre in downtown Victoria

United Way campaign
Photo of UVic President Kevin Hall smiling at the camera while holding a heart shaped sign with the number: $210,000 and the the legend: "United Way Campaign Thank you message"

Rasing funds for community-based programs

Partnership Walk
Group photo of the volunteers from multiple ethnicities supporting the World Partnership Walk at UVic, wearing shirts with the legend: "Step forward. Fight global poverty". Some of them are carrying signs with texts such as: "Think global, act local", "I'm walking in support of gender equality", "being a change maker runs in the family"

Supporting initiatives to reduce global poverty

Policy & policy making

BC poverty reduction
Indigenous art from Charles Elliott, a Coast Salish artist depicting Community and how Indigenous peoples work in a communal way to support and lift each other up.

Income supports and Indigenous Peoples in B.C.

Addressing the housing crisis
Photo of the new housing building at UVic, the Cheko’nien House

UVic housing forum convenes students, MLAs

UVic's economic impact on BC
Aerial picture at Dusk of the city of Victoria from west to east.

The economic value of the University of Victoria to British Columbia

Harm reduction and housing policy framework
UVic's Martlet avatar with the legend: Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research

Homelessness and harm reduction in BC