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Clincial Counselling Team

Our clinical staff consists of counsellors and psychologists who are licensed professionals. Each year, our team is augmented by graduate-level practicum counsellors and doctoral interns who are supervised by licensed professionals, because UVic is a training university, and we support student learning.

Students attend counselling with a wide range of concerns. Our counselling practitioners will meet you where you are at and work with you to address whatever concern feels most important to you. Common concerns include struggles with stress and anxiety, depression, identity issues, career exploration, grief and loss, relationship issues, and navigating major life transitions. If you’re struggling with these or other issues, and would like one-on-one support, counselling might be a good fit for you.

Before meeting with a counsellor, psychologist, practicum student, or doctoral intern, take time to identify the most important concern you’d like to focus on. If counselling were to make a positive difference in your life, how would you know?

Where to start

Looking for support but unsure where to start? Take a look at our care options:

Self-Help Resources Groups & Workshops Individual Appointments
Sometimes students are too busy for an appointment! Learn new coping skills and strategies at your own pace. Our resource lists include videos, apps, community resources, self-guided programs, and more.

Group counselling can be more powerful than individual counselling and it includes peer support. Workshops are a great way to learn and discover new skills and strategies to support your wellness.

Meet individually with UVic Counselling practitioners for one-on-one support.