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Individual Appointments

How do I start?

Students new to UVic Counselling or who last accessed our services before the current term will be asked to choose between booking a Wellness Consultation (45 minutes) or a Single Session appointment.

Wellness Consultation Single Session Appointment
Unsure about type of support you need? Wellness Consultations can help you learn more about our care options and other wellness resources (on- and off-campus), and to develop a support plan with next steps based on your needs. One of our team members will work with you to help explore your main concern, share resources, and identify some next steps by the end of the session. Want to speak with a counselling professional about a specific concern? These one-at-a-time appointments can help you sort through your thoughts and feelings and support your ability to grow and make positive changes.

Booking Wellness Consultations & Single Session Appointments

Students can call or come in person to pre-book Wellness Consultations and Single Sessions. You can expect to wait between 2-4 weeks for pre-booked appointments as wait times vary depending on the time of year. A limited number of same-day appointments are also available each day. Same-day appointments are offered on a first-come first-serve basis, and our phone lines open at 8:30am.

To book an appointment, call 250-721-8563 or book in person.

Wellness Consultations and Single Sessions do not have session limits. However, due to our limited capacity to provide counselling for all UVic students, we may ask you to wait at least two weeks before requesting another appointment.

Follow-up counselling appointments

Attended a Wellness Consultation or Single Session counselling session and looking for more support?

If our counselling services are a good fit for you, our counselling practitioners can schedule a follow-up counselling appointment with one of our clinical counselling team members at the end of your Wellness Consultation or Single Session appointments.

What to expect

In your first Follow Up Counselling Appointment, your counsellor will meet you where you are at and work collaboratively with you to create a counselling plan that best supports you and your goals.

Counselling plans are unique to each student and situation, but our capacity to offer frequent sessions is limited. You can generally expect to wait 4-6 weeks in between appointments. There are no specific session limits for follow-up sessions. However, you can expect your counselling practitioner to periodically revisit your counselling goals together.

Counselling can improve your wellbeing by helping you gain clarity around your concerns, find better ways of coping, navigate relationship and life challenges, and connect you with your resources and inner strengths. We believe you are the expert of your own life, and so our practitioners work collaboratively with you to support your own ability to grow, learn, and change. Our team consists of counsellors, psychologists, practicum counsellors, and doctoral interns. We draw from different approaches based on where each person is at, but all our work is grounded in offering growth-oriented counselling support in a confidential environment and in a non-judgmental way.

How to book a follow-up counselling appointment

Follow-up counselling appointments are accessed through Wellness Consultations or One-at-a-time appointments. If you have already attended a Wellness Consultation or a One-at-a-time counselling session during the current term, you can call our front desk at 250-721-8563 or come in person to book a follow-up counselling appointment with one of our counselling practitioners.

If you are already connected with a counsellor for follow-up counselling, you can contact them directly for rebooking. Sessions are rebooked one at a time.