André Smith

André Smith
Associate Professor, Honours Program Advisor
Office: COR A309

Ph.D. (McGill, 2000)

Area of expertise


Dr. André Smith has research interests in the areas of aging, mental health, ethnicity, and blood donation. His research program reflects a desire to understand the intersectionality of health and health-related behavior and their wider socio-cultural, institutional, and familial dimensions.

Dr. Smith is affiliated with the University of Victoria’s Centre on Aging and has received funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and the Alzheimer Society of Canada. 

Dr. Smith has studied the diagnostic experiences of individuals with dementia and their family caregivers. In collaboration with Dr. Kobayashi, he has also examined how cultural values and immigration history mediate intergenerational understandings of dementia in Japanese Canadian families. As a member of the UBC’s ELDERS research team, he has been involved in research on the social determinants of oral health in elderly populations of Chinese and Punjabi origins.

His current research program examines how institutions, regulatory environments, and organizational cultures influence health care practices with a focus on:

  • The experiences of family caregivers to relatives receiving drug treatment for Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia (with Dr. Neena Chappell and Dr. Karen Kobayashi)
  • The discourse of dementia drugs advertising
  • The social determinants of blood donation (with Dr. Ralph Matthews and Dr. Jay Fiddler).

His articles on aging, dementia, mental health, and blood donation appear in the Journal of Aging Studies, The Journal of Deviant Behaviour, Dementia, and the Canadian Review of Sociology.

Dr. Smith teaches courses in qualitative research methods, mental health, and self and identity. He is available to supervise graduate students in the following areas: aging, dementia, health and health regulation, mental health, qualitative research strategies, self and identity, and interactionist sociology.


  • Aging
  • Dementia
  • Health and illness
  • Health policy
  • Blood donation
  • Mental Illness
  • Qualitative Methodologies
  • Social inequality




Refereed journal articles

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