Undergraduate course union (BOSS)

The Bureau of Sociology Students (BOSS) is a collective of students from the Sociology Department at the University of Victoria.

As a student-run organization governed by UVSS policy, our aim is to promote the study of sociology, to foster a sense of community on campus and, to create a positive and inclusive environment for sociology students by promoting both social and academic experiences. BOSS coordinates a number of events throughout the year, including movie nights, study groups, and information sessions, mixers and pub crawls, and organizes group attendance at lectures and information sessions.

Working with the faculty and staff, BOSS hopes to provide sociology students with the resources needed to succeed at the undergraduate level and beyond. The Bureau of Sociology Students is a great way to become involved on campus and offers students a forum to engage with sociologically relevant material outside the classroom.


Membership is open to any and all students taking an undergraduate-level sociology class during the year.

Executives are elected at the Annual General Meeting and regular meetings are open to all members. You can join our Facebook group or send us an email with any thoughts you may have.