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University of Victoria
Department of Sociology
PO Box 3050 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3P5

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University of Victoria
Department of Sociology
COR A333, 3800 Finnerty Rd.
Victoria BC V8P 5C2

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Phone: 250-721-7572
Fax: 250-721-6217

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Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology
University of Victoria
Cornett Building A333
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Department of Sociology
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Department of Sociology
University of Victoria
PO Box 3050 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office Receptionist Ann Hamilton 250-721-7572 COR A333
Department Secretary Zoe Lu 250-472-4949 COR A332
Graduate Secretary Aileen Chong 250-721-7572 COR A333
FAX 250-721-6217
Chair Sean Hier 250-853-3771 COR A336
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Golshan Ahangari
Jes Annan
Douglas Baer 250-721-7581 (local: 7581)
Cecilia Benoit 250-853-3132 (local: 3132)
Ashley Berard
Keely Bethune
Singh Bolaria 250-721-7061 (local: 7061)
Sean Browning
Simon Carroll 250-853-3773 (local: 3773)
William Carroll 250-721-7573 (local: 7573)
David Chen
Aileen Chong 250-721-7572 (local: 7572)
Aaron H Devor 250-721-7577 (local: 7577)
Barry Edmonston
Andrew Elliott
Russ Elliott
Donald Fetherston
Melissa Forsyth
Steve Garlick 250-721-8600 (local: 8600)
Nicolas Graham 250-853-3926 (local: 3926)
Garry Gray 250-853-3772 (local: 3772)
Ann Hamilton 250-721-7572 (local: 7572)
Kazi Sabrina Haq
Priscilla Healey
Sean Hier 250-853-3771 (local: 3771)
Robyn Hlatky
Edwin Hodge
Sonia Jakji
Ruth Kampen 250-853-3775 (local: 3775)
Emily Kirbyson
Karen Kobayashi 250-721-7574 (local: 7574)
Catherine Krull 250-472-5058 (local: 5058)
Elaine Laberge
Mike Lang
Sharon Lee
Grace Li
William Little 250-721-6235 (local: 6235)
Zoe Lu 250-472-4949 (local: 4949)
Thomas Mallette
Martha McMahon 250-721-6351 (local: 6351)
Jason Miller
Isolde Murdoch
Sara Naderinajafabadi 250-853-3770 (local: 3770)
Victor Nascimento
Margaret Penning 250-721-6573 (local: 6573)
Chelsea Power
Jacqueline Quinless
Michael Radmacher 250-472-4472 (local: 4472)
Bruce Ravelli 250-853-3922 (local: 3922)
Rebecca Rogerson
Leo Rutherford
Shokoufeh Sakhi
JP Sapinski
Subodha Senanayake Liyanage
Andre Smith 250-721-7583 (local: 7583)
Michaela Smith
Kara Taylor
Nicola Temmel 250-653-9863
Sanam Vaghefi
Peyman Vahabzadeh 250-721-6353 (local: 6353)
Blair Wilkinson
Suzanne Wood
Zheng Wu 250-721-7576 (local: 7576)
yalan Yang
Zoe Yunker 250-853-3783 (local: 3783)
Tayler Zavitz
Min Zhou 250-472-4714 (local: 4714)
Daniela Zuzunaga Zegarra