Garry Gray

Garry Gray
Associate Professor
Office: COR A361

PhD (University of Toronto, 2008), Postdoctoral Fellow (Harvard University, 2009-2014)

Area of expertise

Criminology, Public Health, Ethics, Institutions, Socio-Legal Studies

Garry Gray is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Victoria.

From 2011-2015, Gray was a Research Fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard Law School where he conducted research on the social organization of unethical behaviour inside a variety of institutions of public trust.  From 2009-2011, Gray was a Research Fellow in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health, where he researched the influence of organizational culture on medical errors and ethical decision-making inside hospital settings. At Harvard University, Gray co-designed, taught and introduced into the curriculum a new course on transdisciplinary research.

Gray received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto (2008). He holds an MA in Criminology from the Centre of Criminology and Socio-legal Studies at the University of Toronto and an Hon. BA double major in Criminology and Sociology at the University of Toronto.

His work has been published internationally in journals such as the American Journal of Sociology, British Journal of Criminology, Revue Droit et Société, Canadian Review of Sociology, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics.


  • criminology
  • institutional corruption
  • regulation and compliance
  • behavioural ethics
  • organizational culture
  • health and safety
  • sociology of science
  • qualitative methods and ethnography



2023    Albert, Katelin, and Garry Gray. "Keeping up with COVID-19 Information: Capacity Issues and Knowledge Uncertainty Early in the Pandemic." Canadian Review of Sociology.

Free Open Access:

2023    Morrow, Richard, Barbara Mintzes, Garry Gray, Michael R. Law, Scott Garrison, and Colin Dormuth. "Public Reporting of Clinical Trial Findings as an Ethical Responsiblity to Participants: A Qualitative Study." British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open 13(3): 13:e068221

Free Open Access:

2023    Morrow, Richard, Barbara Mintzes, Garry Gray, Michael R. Law, Scott Garrison, and Colin Dormuth. "Factors Relating to Nonpublication and Publication Bias in Clinical Trials in Canada: A Qualitative Interview Study." British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 89(3): 1198-1206.

Available at:

2022    Morrow, Richard, Barbara Mintzes, Garry Gray, Michael Law, Scott Garrison, and Colin Dormuth. "Industry Sponsor Influence in Clinical Trial Reporting in Canada: A Qualitative Interview Study." Clinical Therapeutics 44(3): 374-388

Available at:

2021    Gray, Garry, and Benjamin Van Rooji. "Regulatory Disempowerment: How Enabling and Controlling Forms of Power Obstruct Citizen-base Regulation." Regulation & Governance 15(3): 800-821

Available Open Access:

2021    Gray, Garry. "Qualitative Methods and te Compliance Imagination". in Benjamin van Rooji and Daniel Sokol (Eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Compliance (pp. 780-787). Cambridge University Press

Available at:

2019    Gray, Garry, and Brigitte Benning. "Crowdsourcing Criminology: Social Media and Citizen Policing in Missing Person Cases." SAGE Open 9(4): 1-15.

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