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Black History Month at UVic

Black History Month provides an important opportunity to explore and celebrate the historical and current contributions of Black people in Canada. At UVic, we recognize the many achievements of Black faculty, staff and students. We also acknowledge ongoing work is needed to support racial equity, diversity and inclusion.

In December 2021, UVic signed the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education. To help hold ourselves accountable, we have adapted and incorporated a set of action-based commitments into UVic’s new Equity Action Plan.


Two smiling Black women stand outside on the UVic campus grounds.

Building Black community on campus

Students, staff and faculty are working to centre the Black experience and celebrate Black joy and flourishing at UVic.

Moyo has dreadlocks with beaded hair accessories and wears gold framed glasses and a blue dress shirt. She is reading The Games Black Girls Play from the Celebrate Black History Month book display at the Mearns Centre for Learning – McPherson Library.

Connecting people across disciplines

Writer for Creative Action and Digital Content Thembie Moyo plans to help UVic students use storytelling and art to connect and talk more about different life experiences.

UVic historian Adebisi Alade teaching a course on Black history.

Reframing Black history

"I believe it is important to learn more about the recent achievements and contributions of Black people to the development of our communities, and to shine a spotlight on Black-led projects and initiatives."

UVic historian Adebisi Alade

Close-up image of the UVic sign and crest.

Topics on Black history and culture

These UVic community members are available to the media to discuss Black History Month and Black cultures. 

Mylene Dorce smiles at the camera while standing at a classroom podium.

Black History Month events

Mylène Dorcé and UVic French & Francophone Studies have partnered with local organizations on cultural activities to celebrate Black History Month.