Erica Wheeler

Erica Wheeler
Head of Collections Care and Conservation
Royal British Columbia Museum and Archives

BSc - Biology (2000), MSc - Biology (2006)

Erica's job is to support and advocate for the development and care of the Natural History, Human History and Archival collections at the Royal British Columbia Museum and Archives. She works with a diverse group of biologists, historians, archivists and museum professionals to physically document changes over time to biodiversity and to tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the province of British Columbia.

I found a place to explore and focus my lifelong fascination with the nature in the Department of Biology at the University of Victoria. The most important skill I learned is how to frame a question so that I can test my ideas about the natural world. Eureka! The training I received as a curatorial assistant in the botany collection at the University of Victoria Herbarium opened up a new realm of scientific inquiry and led me directly to the exciting career path in museum collections that I am on today.

Subsequent education: PhD in Biology (University of Missouri, 2011)