Christine Roper

Christine Roper
Marine biologist and graduate student

BSc - Biology (2015) Marine Biology concentration

Participating in the co-op program at UVic had a pivotal influence on her work experience and successful employment after graduation. Her passion and interest for coral reef biology lead her to move to Australia to pursue a career on the world’s largest reef system: the Great Barrier Reef. Since arriving in Australia, Christine has completed several research assistant jobs, helped in the filming of the documentary Chasing Coral, and worked as a marine biologist on a snorkelling vessel. Much of her free time over the past year has also included volunteering for a non-profit organization called Great Barrier Reef Legacy. She worked as one of the core team members to crowd-fund and raise money for an independent research expedition in the far north of the Great Barrier Reef to look for species of resilient corals or "super corals".

Attending the University of Victoria was influential in seeding my passion for research, particularly through the hands-on learning offered at UVic and Biology Co-op Education. My enthusiasm for volunteering and learning began with the practical experience I gained at UVic and has given me the confidence to continue my educational career.

Subsequent education: MSc in Marine Biology and Ecology (James Cook University)