Vishal Punwani

Vishal Punwani
Physician / Entrepreneur
Royal Melbourne Hospital / Sage Learning Inc.

BSc - Biology (2011)

Vishal is a medical resident at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, rotating through medical, surgical, and emergency settings in Melbourne. He also works on the MD curriculum and on learning technologies at Harvard Medical School in Boston and is a consultant to the World Health Organization and the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva. Vishal also serves as CEO and Cofounder of Sage Learning Inc., an education technology start-up enabling sustainable tech-enabled teaching and learning.

University isn't just about book learning. Students: please find mentors at UVic to check in with regularly for career and life advice! My amazing teachers gave me timely advice, and the encouragement to do all the things I wanted to do with my life.

Subsequent education: MD (University of Melbourne), Certificate in Healthcare Leadership and Innovation (Harvard Macy Institute)