Return library materials

Where do I return items?

Most items can be returned to the book return chutes in the lobby of the McPherson Library and outside the library's main entrance. Use the outside chute when the library is closed.

The following items have a specific return location.

  • Laptops to the loan desk where they were borrowed.
  • Reserve items to the return drawer inside the reserve room.
  • Music and Media materials and equipment to the music and media desk.
  • Map tubes and airphoto envelopes to staff at the main loan desk.
  • Interlibrary loan materials and recalled items at the main loan desk.

Return materials by mail.

When are my items due?

We will give you a due date and time for each item you sign out. These dates may change due to renewals and recalls. Items not returned or renewed by the due date/time are subject to fines.

Library notifications, including due date reminders, are sent by email. Please check your email regularly. You are responsible for fines for overdue materials.