Awards and contests

Front entrance to McPherson Library on a sunny day with green trees surrounding the library.
Students meet outside the entrance to the Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library.

How do UVic Libraries support grants and awards?

The Grants and Awards Office in the University Librarian’s Office supports and enhances the research activities, advancement and community engagement priorities of UVic Libraries, specifically in the areas of grants funding and awards, as well as special projects related to community engagement. Adhering to the ongoing principles of UVic Libraries' Strategic Directions, 2018-2023, the Grants and Awards Office is administered by Christine Walde, Grants and Awards Librarian.

What do we offer?

Currently, the office offers the following to registered UVic students:


To learn more about awards, fellowships and contests, visit the Awards and fellowships page and the check out the on the Verge Writing Contest.

To set up an appointment with the Grants and Awards Librarian, contact .