Research & grant support

We offer a number of interdisciplinary services to help you do your research running from partnering with you on grants to providing training and teaching support for research tools. If you’re looking for a research partner, please contact , Head of Advanced Research Services.

Research services

Need help getting started with your discipline-related research? Ask us or contact a librarian for help with getting started or going deeper with your specific topic.

Knowledge & Evidence Synthesis

We provide training in knowledge and evidence synthesis platforms.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

We’re here to help you incorporate qualitative and quantitative methodologies and tools into your research.

Systematic Reviews

Our team is available for consultations around systematic reviews and evidence synthesis. We help you discover the right tools and methodologies around processes, standards, and project management. We help you take a systematic approach to information gathering, including non-traditional sources like Twitter.

Grant support

UVic Libraries are an essential research partner in your grant applications. Not only do we provide support for long-term preservation and accessibility of your research, but we also have a suite of services to help you meet national and international requirements around data management, scholarly communication, and open access publishing. Please visit our Grants Menu for more information or contact , Grants and Awards Librarian for more information.

Please note that all in-kind contributions from UVic Libraries must be confirmed and approved in consultation with UVic Libraries’ Grants and Awards Office and Advanced Research Services. To learn more or arrange a consultation, please email