Teaching support

We offer a number of services to help you in the classroom and provide expert advice in educational technology (edtech) . Want your students to learn new research or communication tools? We offer 45-minute & 1.5 hour workshops to give your students hands-on training in various tools and platforms.

Book an instruction session

We offer a number of pathways to incorporate library instruction into your classroom.

Subject instruction

Our librarians can teach your students how to use the extensive learning resources available at UVic specific to your discipline. Find a librarian for your subject or submit a request at .

Tool and software instruction

Our experts teach a series of workshops in and outside of the classroom to help you and your students learn new ways of conducting research. Contact our team in the Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC) to learn more about our tool teaching services.

See what we teach

Browse all the workshops we offer and see related course material, such as learning outcomes, lesson plans, and handouts.

Digital exhibits

We offer a number of exhibition platforms and training to move your work and your students’ work online. We work with you to create hands-on learning opportunities and showcase your students’ work in a digital exhibit using Omeka S.

Digital Scholarship Commons

We offer a modular space for teaching and training. Learn more about the workshops we're currently offering in the library.

Workshops in Your Classroom

Our experts can help you incorporate software workshops in your classroom, including iMovie, exhibition software, and much more. Are you going away for a conference and want to have your students learn a digital tool? Send us an email at dscommons@uvic.ca