Borrow a laptop

Current students, faculty and staff can borrow a laptop for two hours at a time from the Main Loan Desk or the Music and Media desk.

Education students can also borrow laptops from the Curriculum Library.

Laptop guidelines

  • Sign a new laptop agreement each year to borrow a laptop.
  • Borrow a laptop for two hours from the Main Loan Desk or the Music & Media Loan Desk. Laptops signed out near closing will be due a half hour before closing time.
  • Use the laptop only inside the library or in the BiblioCafé.
  • Renew your laptop at the desk where you borrowed it.
  • Return the laptop to a staff member at the desk where you borrowed it.
  • Overdue charges are $21.00/hour ($0.35/minute).
  • If the laptop is reported damaged, lost, or stolen, a fee of up to $2500.00 will apply. Do not leave the laptop unattended.

Software and hardware

All laptops have CD-DVD drives and access the library's wireless network. The Microsoft Office Suite is installed. The laptops are configured to print from the printers in the Learning Commons.

Please do not download or upload any software to the laptop.

Saving your work

All files left on the laptop will be erased upon its return and cannot be retrieved.

To save your work, save to an external storage device (CD or thumbdrive) or the UVic Temp drive, email your file as an attachment or print it.