Library notifications by email

Library notifications are sent automatically by UVic NetLink email. Email notices enable the UVic Libraries to expand the types and frequency of notifications that library users receive, including:

  • due date reminders sent a few days before an item is due
  • overdue notices sent a day or two after an item is due
  • items recalled notices when items have been recalled from you for another borrower
  • items available notices when the items you have recalled are available for pick up
  • fine notices when items have been overdue, lost or damaged

It is important to obtain a UVic NetLink email account, available free to registered students, faculty and staff. If you prefer to use another email service, there is an option to forward your NetLink email to another email address.

Please read your email regularly. You are responsible for fines associated with recalled and overdue materials.

To set up NetLink email:

  • go to the NetLink Main Menu at
  • choose Getting started with NetLink for information about the NetLink ID system.
  • choose NetLink-ID: application form to register your NetLink ID and password. Follow the instructions that appear.
  • choose Services to set up your email account, dial-in account if desired, etc.

To forward your UVic NetLink email to another email address:

  • if you wish to use an email address other than your UVic NetLink email address to receive library notices, set up E-Mail Forwarding to your preferred email address.
  • follow the instructions that appear to forward email from your NetLink email address to the email address you prefer to use.
To receive help with email accounts and library notifications:
  • for assistance with NetLink email accounts, contact the Computer Help Desk, Computing & Systems Services (Clearihue Building).
  • for assistance with problems and questions about library notifications, staff at the loan desks will be able to help.