Research labs

Many of our faculty members specialize in experimental research. We currently house two labs: the Speech Research Lab and the Sociolinguistics Lab. These labs provide up-to-date hardware and software for collecting and analyzing audio and video (including ultrasound and laryngoscopic) recordings of speech.

The Speech Research Laboratory (SRL) was established in 2008 by Dr. Sonya Bird and Dr. John Esling for advanced research projects that often require very specialized equipment and acoustical environments. This lab is equipped with a laryngoscope, an ultrasound, an audiometer, a sound booth, large screen display, and six post-production workstations as well as other high quality video and audio equipment.

The Sociolinguistics Research Laboratory (SLRL) was established in January 2010 by Dr. Alexandra D'Arcy. Located in Clearihue D350, the SLRL is an active lab, home to ongoing funded projects, student research (BA, BA Honours, MA, PhD), and research assistants. It currently hosts six iMac workstations, houses a sound booth for sociolinguistic interviews, and includes meeting space/workspace for students with portable laptops.  It also houses (and holds site licenses for) a number of language corpora, both private and public, all of which are available for use by students and faculty in the department.