Multimedia IPA chart

Our chart provides a graphic interface for exploring the International Phonetic Alphabet. To use the resource, click on any link to hear an illustrative example. For example, most rows in the Pulmonic chart (Manner of Articulation) have descriptive audio that explains each row completely. Other charts (Non-Pulmonic, Vowels, etc.) have detailed audio descriptions available by clicking on the chart title.

Within each chart, clicking on any IPA character will play an example of that sound. With consonants, you will hear the sound in exclusion followed by an intervocalic example.

You will need a recent browser and QuickTime installed on your computer in order to use the page to the fullest. You will also need a UVic NetLinkID to access these copyrighted materials.

Electronic files of the Chart of the IPA, the Number Chart of the IPA, and the Chart of 'Extensions' to the International Phonetic Alphabet are available for viewing and printing on the website of the International Phonetic Association.

Explore our International Phonetic Alphabet chart

For non-UVic users: If you are interested in using this application but are not associated with UVic, you may access a limited version of the chart. Restrictions exist due to the inclusion of copyrighted materials in the full version.