IPA Phonetics for iPhone and iPad

Download the free iPA Phonetics App for iPhone, iPod, and iPad from the Apple iTunes App store.

This App provides a unique and intuitive touch interface for exploring the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as numerous voice qualities and articulations.

The symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet illustrate the basic inventory of sounds of the world's languages. Consonant and vowel sounds are presented with audio and laryngoscopic video in elaborated matrices based on the chart of the International Phonetic Association.

Laryngeal ultrasound videos in three different orientations accompany sounds articulated in the throat. A labelled inventory of auditorily contrastive voice qualities is mapped onto a detailed vocal tract model.

  • Simply press any symbol or label in the charts to see and hear an illustrative example
  • You can speed up and slow down all the video examples, view full-screen, and more.
  • You can press the INFO button on each screen to access additional information
  • A game component presents sounds at random to test visual and auditory recognition, with possible success up to ten levels

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Credits and Acknowledgements

  • Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria
  • Speech Research Lab, University of Victoria
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • John Esling, President, International Phonetic Association, University of Victoria
  • Scott Moisik, University of Victoria
  • Programming, production and design: Christopher Coey, University of Victoria

All programming © 2014 University of Victoria, Victoria B.C.

How to cite: Christopher Coey, John H. Esling, Scott R. Moisik. 2014., University of Victoria,
iPA Phonetics, Version 1.0 [2014]. Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria.