Software and resources

We have a large collection of industry standard audio, video, statistics, analytics and perception commercial software available in the Labs.

Software creations

Other resources for UVic students


Useful E-prime scripts are available through the STEP project at Carnegie Mellon University.

A number of Praat scripts can be downloaded by following the links below.

File Description
downsample.praat Downsamples a folder of Wavefiles to 22K.
draw-waveform-sgram-f0.praat Draws waveform, spectrogram, F0 curve and TextGrid.
get-formant.praat Extracts formant (F1, F2) values from Formant files.
GetVowelFormants_script.praat Measure vowel formant at onset and 1/2 way through a vowel.
get-values-tones.praat Extracts time points, f0 values and durations : to text file.
label-tones.praat Creates a TextGrid file with a number of tiers.
MeasurementScript_inEditor.praat Measures and extracts time points and F0 values.
NSP2WAV.praat Changes a folder of NSP files to WAV.
openwaveandcreatetextgrid.praat Opens a folder of WAVfiles and creates a Textgrid for each.
openandsaveorcreattextandwav.praat Opens a folder of WAVfiles with existing Textgrids (or creates a Textgrid if none exists for a given WAVfile.)
OpenExistingWavsandTextgrids.praat Opens pairs of Waves and Textgrids in a folder.
QV_tokeninfo.praat Takes duration and formant measurements (multiple tiers) for a given WAV/TEXTGRID pair.
textgrid-creator.praat Given a plain text file containing sentences by the line, the script tokenizes each sentence based on the word-boundary symbol.
ToManipulation_PRE_script.praat Creates a dip in the pre-glottalized resonants.