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dogriblogoThe Yati Dictionary APP contains over 1300+ words and phrases with sounds, pictures, example sentences and other important information. Best of all, you can add your own words and pictures too! Compare your voice to the professional studio recordings, create your own wordlists, and more!

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Credits and Acknowledgements

  • Teaching and Learning Centre, Tłı̨̨chǫ Community Services Agency
  • Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria
  • Community Action Research Team, Tłı̨̨chǫ Government
  • Office of the Vice-President Research, University of Victoria
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Voicing: Marie Louise Bouvier White
  • Additional voices: Rosa Mantla, Josie Bishop, Mary K. Richardson, Mary Adele Mackenzie, Leona Lafferty, Anita Daniels, George Bailey, Mason Mantla
  • Research and Editing: Mary Siemens, Rosa Mantla, Tammy Steinwand-Deschambeault, Aliana Parker, Leslie Saxon
  • Drawings: Tłı̨̨chǫ Community Services Agency, Angel Hall
  • Administrative support: Wendy Mantla, Lucy Lafferty
  • Programming and design: Christopher Coey
  • Additional testing and QA: Liam Coey

All content © 2012 Teaching and Learning Centre, Tłįchǫ Community Services Agency, Rae-Edzo, NWT

All programming © 2012 University of Victoria, Victoria B.C.