A/V Equipment is available for field recordings and research.

As students in our department, you have access to a number of resources, including work space, equipment, and software.


All students can access available equipment during regular department hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Some portable equipment may also be borrowed for longer periods.

Software and resources

There are a number of commercial software packages that are not normally available in other campus computing facilities installed in our lab workstations, including Praat, Adobe and Sony Audio/Video editing suites, and more.

Through the linguistics department, you also have access to a number of phonetics resources, like the Multimedia IPA chart.


Our department houses two labs: the Speech Research Lab and the Sociolinguistics Research Lab. These labs require special access; inquiries can be made to the lab directors: Dr. Sonya Bird (SRL) or Dr. Alexandra D'Arcy (SLRL).

Other resource rooms

Room Description Use
Thomas Hess Reading Room (CLE D340)

Houses a number of hard-to-find publications of books and journals, as well as legacy field notes on Indigenous languages of Canada.

Available in particular to MILR students; also available for RA and TA use, as well as small meetings; bookable

Geoffrey N. O'Grady Linguistics Seminar Room (CLE D358) Contains a small kitchen, a number of hard-to-find publications of books and journals, a data projector with large screen and sound system, couches, chairs, tables, and a large whiteboard. Available to all members of the Linguistics department; not bookable