Find your edge in UVic's Department of Linguistics.

Why study linguistics?

Linguistics is the study of language and a window into the human mind.

Language lives in so many facets of our experience. Learn about languages spoken around the world—including the 30+ Indigenous and non-Indigenous languages spoken in our own province—about how the mind processes language, about the best ways to teach languages, and so much more.

Understanding the complex role language plays in the lives of people, communities and societies prepares you to advocate for positive change as a fully engaged global citizen.

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Our programs

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Linguistics textbooks

The BA in Linguistics offers background in linguistic description and theory. Majors can concentrate in Language and Society, Language and Speech and/or Indigenous Languages.

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Bachelor of Science (BSc)

UVic student conducting research

The BSc in Linguistics emphasizes acoustic and auditory phonetics, as well the cognitive, neural and biological aspects of language.

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Applied Linguistics (BA)

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The BA in Applied Linguistics provides background and practical experience in additional language teaching and learning.

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We also offer a two-year Diploma in Applied Linguistics, a one-year Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (in partnership with Continuing Studies and the En’owkin Centre), and a certificate in American Sign Language.