Group of graduating students and faculty in convocation robes
Students and faculty celebrate after convocation in June 2016.

We are very proud of our UVic Linguistics alumni! See what they have been up to since graduating, and what you will be able to do with your degree in Linguistics.

Language learning and teaching

"I graduated with a BA in Applied Linguistics from UVic in 2012.  My time in the department inspired me to become a global citizen, engage with language and culture and observe the way we learn and use them. After studying I took these passions and put them into practice when getting into the job market. Since the Applied Linguistic program integrates the requirements needed to become TESL Canada certified along with completing a degree I was able to find work directly in my field of interest in both the private and public education working in and out of Canada. I am currently a participant of the Japan Exchange Teaching Programme and work for the local government in the public school system with Elementary and Junior high school students as an assistant language teacher in Southern Japan. I am incredibly pleased that the education and qualifications I have received have allowed me to travel and explore my passion for intercultural communication and education and I look forward to continue traveling, studying and working around the world." Nyomi Ross, BA Applied Linguistics 2012

"I was a very unusual teenager; I knew exactly what I wanted to do then, and it is exactly what I am doing now: teaching English. I graduated from UVic in 2012 and immediately left to look for a teaching position in Taiwan. I teach primarily advanced adult classes at the YMCA in Taichung. Most of my classes are conversation classes for highly-motivated hobby learners – a teacher’s dream! I have also taught a very successful writing class, business English, and a little bit of TOEIC preparation. I work almost entirely independently, choosing books, designing curricula, and developing and evaluating my materials. It is a fantastic position, and I have worked here very happily for a little over two years already.

UVic’s Applied Linguistics program prepared me well for my career because it combines Linguistic theory with concrete teaching skills, and I find that I draw heavily on both. My current job affords me a great deal of freedom – perhaps more than a new teacher would wish for! – so I am very grateful for my practicum experience, brief though it was. The Linguistic theory that we learned has been indescribably helpful in equipping me to explain sounds, word formation, and complex grammar structures to my advanced adult classes. I’m so thankful that I have more than just my native speaker intuition to rely on." Theresa Leask, BA Applied Linguistics, HFPW Co-op program 2012

"I have always been intrigued by how children and adults acquire and learn language. After graduating with my BA in English from UVic, I decided to further my education by enrolling in the Diploma in Applied Linguistics program, with an emphasis on teaching ESL. Immediately upon graduation, I was able to secure employment in the international education field here in Victoria. I worked as an ESL instructor to children, youth, and adults, as a homestay coordinator, and as an office manager for several years and decided to pursue a graduate degree in applied linguistics. While I was a graduate student, I became a tutor at the Writing Centre, which eventually led to my position as the Coordinator of the Writing Centre. After seven years with the Writing Centre, which has expanded to become the Centre for Academic Communication, I decided to once again broaden my horizons by becoming an Academic Adviser with the Tri-faculties. My studies in applied linguistics have enabled me to be a skilled and confident communicator, a perceptive and inquisitive researcher, and a more well-rounded individual both personally and professionally." Shu-min Huang, MA Applied Linguistics 2011

Language revitalization

"After receiving my BA in Linguistics and Spanish, I returned to UVic to complete an MA in Applied Linguistics.  I am now working as the Language Revitalization Program Specialist at the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, a First Nations-run crown corporation with a mandate to support language and culture revitalization in B.C. My coursework in Linguistics, particularly with its focus on the Indigenous languages of B.C., and my subsequent MA research shaped my career path. It was through my BA in Linguistics that I first became interested in language revitalization, and the Department’s focus on Indigenous community partnerships laid a great foundation for my current position. I use what I learned in those courses and research assistantships every day." Aliana Parker, BA 2008


"I graduated from law school in 2014 and will be practicing civil litigation with a firm in downtown Vancouver. My Linguistics MA honed my ability to critique language and understand its persuasive power--a skill that helped set me apart in law school and that will continue to serve me in Law." Taylor Marie Young, MA 2011

Linguistics graduate school

"I moved to Ottawa last year to undertake my Master's degree in Linguistics and have since completed it, and am due to start my PhD in September 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Shana Poplack at Ottawa U. During my time at UVic, I practically lived in the phonetics lab, availing myself of the veritable arsenal of acoustic tools and software at my disposal. My final year coincided with the establishment of Dr. Alex D'Arcy's sociolinguistics lab, which laid the groundwork for my current work in the Variationist sociolinguistics framework." Suzanne Robillard, BA Honours 2011

Speech and hearing sciences

"I followed my B.Sc. with an M.Sc. from UBC in 2008; I have worked in community health as a Speech-Language Pathologist since 2009; I have felt that the strong foundation I gained in Linguistics from UVic was a great benefit to me in grad school and it has continued to serve me well as a clinician." Sarah Frumento, B.Sc. 2002

"After graduating from UVic, I went on to pursue my M.Sc. in Speech-Language Pathology at UBC.  I currently work with an organization called the BC Family Hearing Resource Society in Surrey, BC, working with children 0-5 with hearing loss and their families.  My UVic Linguistics degree played a large role steering me towards the career I am in now, and it certainly helped me build a strong foundation in speech and language before going on to complete my Master’s degree." Charmaine Francis, BA, 2008

Speech technology industry

"I completed my Honours B.Sc. in Linguistics in 2013. Like many linguists, I also enjoyed taking courses in a number of other languages: French, Spanish, ASL, as well as Latin and German outside of UVic; however, my primary passion has always been in the physiological component of speech transmission and reception. Following the completion of my degree, I started immediately with a local research firm called STR-SpeechTech Ltd as a Speech & Language Analyst on synthetic voice systems for air traffic management and control. Working with a small team of linguists, I am able to apply the principles learned during my time in Linguistics on a daily basis, particularly with phonological and acoustic theory. I also enjoy the flexibility to work independently as I see fit on tasks before discussing them as a group, feeling valued and being treated as a contributing professional." AJ Hildebrand, B.Sc. 2013

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