With the generous support of the Faculty of Humanities and various research grants awarded to individual faculty members, we are very fortunate to be able to provide a wide array of equipment for conducting research through the Linguistics department.

Audio/video digitization and editing

Location: Phonetics Laboratory

  • Double Cassette Deck (Pioneer CT-W703RS)
  • Digital Audio Tape deck (Sony DTC-750)
  • Reel-to-Reel tape recorders (Revox A700)
  • Headphones (Sony MDR 7506)
  • Microphones built-in and external available
  • Mic Preamp and A/D converter (M-Audio Firewire 410) (shared)

Data collection

Location: Phonetics Laboratory

  • PC Windows 7
  • CSL System (Kay 4500)
  • Electroglottograph (Kay 6103)
  • Laryngograph
  • Five-channel Headphone Amplifier (Samson)
  • 2 Microphones (M-Audio Luna)
  • 2 Headphones (Sony MDR-7506)
  • 1 Mic Preamp and A/D converter (M-Audio Firewire 410)

Experimental design and analysis

The Phonetics lab houses eight workstations available for conducting phonetics research, which are set up with the software listed below.

Location: Phonetics Laboratory


  • Microsoft Office - all recent versions for both Mac and Windows.
  • Adobe Acrobat - used for creating PDFs.
  • Adobe Production Suite - includes Photoshop, Soundbooth, Illustrator, Premier Pro, and other popular Adobe titles used for processing Audio, Video, and Photography.
  • <oXygen/> - used for document development using structured mark-up languages such as XML , XSD, Relax NG, XSL, DTD (available for PCs).
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro - professional image-editing
  • OmniPage Pro - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software (available only on the scanner workstation).
  • Assorted software titles - utilities for working with audio, video and HTML/XML are available for both Mac and PC.

Phonetic analysis

  • Video Phonetics Database (requires security key) - "provides the ability to display a video window in conjunction with acoustic data; the data are linked in time for synchronous real-time display or in-depth analysis via cursor movement along the waveform."
  • Praat - used for speech and signal processing and analysis.
  • Audacity - used for audio recording and editing.
  • IPA Lab - an online application that teaches the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and develops both ear training and transcription skills.
  • The University of Victoria Phonetic Database (PDB) - a compilation of 57 world languages including sound files of each language's phonetic inventory as well as extensive supporting documentation.
  • Sony Vegas - a professional-level video editing program that can be used to record, edit, and render video, pictures, and audio data.
  • Sony Sound Forge - an industry standard audio editing program that can be used to record, edit, and render audio data and video linked to audio.
  • E-Prime (requires security key) - a suite of applications for computerized experiments, this software provides an environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis, and provides millisecond precision timing to ensure the accuracy of your data.
  • MatLab - useful for matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages.
  • Elan - a freeware application used to aid transcribing Linguistic data from audio, video, and text.

Portable equipment available for short-term loan

The following equipment can be borrowed on a short-term basis, for conducting research through the Linguistics department. For more information, please contact the .

Location: Lab consulting/Programming office (CLE D347)

Field recorders

  • Portable Solid State Recorder A (M-Audio Microtrack II 24/96)
  • Portable Solid State Recorder F (Zoom H2n)
  • Portable Solid State Recorder G (Zoom H2n)
  • Portable Solid State Recorder H (Olympus VN-8100pc)

Mircophones and pre-amps

  • Camcorder Mic Preamp (BeachTek DXA-2S)
  • Camcorder Mic Preamp (BeachTek DXA-6VU)
  • Lapel Wireless Microphone (Sennheiser ew100-G2)
  • Lapel Wired Microphone A (Audio Technica PRO-7A)
  • Lapel Wired Microphone B (Audio Technica PRO-7A)
  • Lapel Microphone VHF wireless (Audi-Technica Pro 88W)
  • General Pupose Microphone (Sony ECM-MS908C)
  • General Pupose Microphone (Sony ECM-MS908C)
  • Large Diaphram Condenser Microphone (M-Audio Luna)
  • Medium Diaphram (pencil) Condenser Microphone (AKG C1000s)
  • Shotgun Condenser Microphone (Sennheiser K6-ME66 )
  • Small Diaphram (pencil) Condenser Microphone (Apex 185)
  • Small Diaphram (pencil) Condenser Microphone (Apex 185)
  • Small Diaphram (pencil) Condenser Microphone (Apex 180)
  • AKG-C420 Headset (Brittany Spears #1) Headset Mic (wired)
  • AKG-C420 Headset (Brittany Spears #2) Headset Mic (wired)
  • USB Recording Interface/Mic Pre-Amp (E-MU 0202)
  • USB Recording Interface/Mic Pre-Amp (M-Audio Mobile Pre)

Video Cameras

  • 18MP DLSR Digital Camera (Canon T2i)


  • Creative Bluetooth Portable Speaker System
  • Headphones (AKG-77)
  • Headphones (Sony MDR 7506)

Other Hardware

Location: Teaching Assistants Room.

  • 1 DVD Recorder (Sony RDR-VX500)
  • 1 Data Projector (Samsung LED)
  • 1 Pair Self-Powered Speakers (Roland)
  • 1 JVC S-VHS Player/Recorder