Top Ten Tips for Remaining Psychologically Resilient

Psychological resilience can be defined as the ability to resist and manage stressors and to “bounce back” from stressful life events. 

Employee and family assistance program

  • The employee and family assistance program is an employer paid benefit for eligible UVic employees and dependents.
  • This free, confidential program includes professional counselling, information and referral services.
  • LifeWorks is the service provider for UVic's employee and family assistance program. Access 24/7 by phone, web or mobile app. 1.844.880.9142
  • LifeWorks Total Wellbeing platform is now live. Access by downloading the app, through your Employee Dashboard or use your Netlink to log in to LifeWorks

Extended health plan

  • If you're enrolled in the Pacific Blue Cross extended health plan, you may be reimbursed for counselling services.
  • For further details look in your benefits handbook or log into Pacific Blue Cross CARESnet to check for up-to-date claims and limits.

Medical Services Plan