New employee welcome events

New employee welcome events are annual events that take place online and in person. 

Audience: These events are open to any regular-continuing, extended-term, or sessional employees who have begun work within the past year or who have never attended a new employee welcome before. Invitations with registration details are circulated to new employees and their supervisors via email. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to support shift coverage so that all new employees receive the benefit of this engagement opportunity.

Contact: For questions about these events, please email

New employee welcome event

The New Employee Welcome event is an informative 3 hour online session where you will be given opportunities to participate in conversations designed to highlight our university culture, values and community, while meeting other new people from various spaces on campus.

The session consists of a wide range of important and interesting information including:

  • A welcome to the territory by an Indigenous Elder
  • Opening remarks from Qwul’sih’yah’maht, Robina Thomas (VP Indigenous) and Kevin Hall (President)
  • Speakers from Student Services, EQHR and a panel discussion 
  • Introductions to other new employees
  • Conversations about the value we place on diversity, culture, sustainability, and healthy workplaces