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CUPE 4163 Application
Adding dependent
Additional Income - Practice Guide for Paying Incidental Work - Staff Positions
Annual Review Form - CUPE951 (See Performance Development Cycle)
Annual Review Form - ESS (See Performance Development Cycle)
Annual Review Form - ME (See Performance Development Cycle)
Annual Review Form - PEA (See Performance Development Cycle)
Annual Review Process - CUPE 951 (See Performance Development Cycle - Getting started)
Annual Review Process - ESS (See Performance Development Cycle - Getting started)
Annual Review Process - ME (See Performance Development Cycle - Getting started)
Annual Review Process - PEA (See Performance Development Cycle - Getting started)
Applying for a job - For current UVic employees
Benefits Information
Browse and apply for opportunities quick guide
Central Accommodation Fund Application
Casual staff request
Checklist of Assigned duties 4163
Continuing Sessionals Benefits Handbook
Creating and managing teams
CTO Tracker for PEA
CUPE 4163 Posting
Job description template-CUPE 917
CUPE 951 Career Development Application
CUPE 951 Career Development Policy + Procedure
CUPE 951 and 917 Benefits Handbook
CUPE 951 and 917 Maternity-Parental Leave
Employee Learning Calendar Service Policy
Employee Orientation Toolkit
Employee Handbook
Ergonomics-Office Stretches
Extended Health Claim Form - Pacific Blue Cross
Extending offers of employment
Access, Records Management and Privacy Guidelines for Senior Administrative Search Committees
Faculty Benefits Handbook
Faculty and Librarian Maternity-Parental Leave
Employee Request for Leave
Generic Pricing
Generic vs Brand Name
Job evaluation guidebook - PEA
Job Evaluation - Guidelines for supervisors-CUPE 951
Height adjustable loaner desk request
Hiring and onboarding
Hiring Road Map
How to access PHARMACARE Special Authority
How to lift safely
How to make a health claim
Human Resources system access
Human rights guide for recruitment
Human rights issues and accommodation
Indigenous Employee Guide
Job Evaluation Guidebook - CUPE 951
JE Job Fact sheet - PEA
Job Evaluation Questionnaire-PEA
Joint Job Evaluation Questionnaire - CUPE 951
Job description template - PEA
Job description template - PEA - short
Job description template - CUPE 951
Job search agents quick guide
Job series - PEA
Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Form
Managing internal applicants
Managing your resume and cover letters quick guide
Manual Handling Pushing-Pulling-Carrying
Manual Handling Risks
Manual Handling Stretches
Maternity Parental Checklist and EI instructions
ME Benefits Handbook
Medical Accommodation Adaptive Equipment Guide for Employees
Medical accommodation sit stand desks - Guide for employees
Medical accommodation sit stand desks - Guide for supervisor
Medical Accommodation Adaptive Equipment Guide for Supervisors
Mental Health and Wellbeing Reference Guide
Office Ergonomics Potential Solutions
Office Ergonomics Self Inspection ChecklistNEW
Office Ergonomics - Guide for Employees
Optional Life Insurance Enrollment Package
Out of Province Emergency Medical Expense Claim Package
Out of Province Health Claim Package
Performance Development Cycle FAQ’s
Performance Development Cycle - Getting started
Performance Development Cycle - Step 1 form
Performance Development Cycle - Step 2 form
Performance Development Cycle - Step 3 form
PEA Central Pro D Fund Application Form
PEA Benefits Handbook
PEA Maternity Parental Leave
Pharmacy Compass - Pacific Blue Cross
Physician's certificate
Pocket-sized checklist for interview time
Post Interview Feedback
Potential barriers to fair evaluation
Preferential and limited hiring
Private Medical Insurance AON
Probation Process
Probation Form - Short
Professional Development Expense Account Guidelines for PEA Staff
Professional Development Expenses Guidelines for ME Staff
Professional Employees Association (PEA) Membership Application
Reconsideration request form - PEA
Records of Employment (ROE) - please contact Payroll at (250) 721-7034 or
Recruitment planning checklist
Recruitment records checklist
Recruitment tracking spreadsheet
Reference check form
UVic Careers - Requisition Approvals
Reviewing candidate applications - For team selection committee members
Review your leave balances
Salary Deduction Form
Sample interview questions - clerical
Sample interview questions - management
Screening and circulating applications
Special Authority Drugs
Standard Task Seating
Termination Account Payout Request
Testing oral communication skills marking guide template
Testing skills marking guide template
Threshold essential qualifications vs. nice to haves
Hiring - Top 10 transferable skills
Traveling for work or leisure
UVic Careers - Create a requisition for a job posting
Uvic Careers - Requisition for a new position.
UVic Careers User Guide - With all system guides
UVic Careers User Guide
Retirees Pacific Blue Cross Group Benefits Plan
View your resumé submission history quick guide
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