Managing simple short term sick leave

These forms are for supervisors to send to ill or injured employees on a simple short term sick leave. These are cases where there are no concerns about the absence, a return to work is likely within one month, there are no workplace issues or barriers for a return to work and/or you able to temporarily accommodate the employee without assistance.

The forms may need to be modified to better suit an employee’s unique situation. If you need help with return to work planning, contact a Work Life Consultant.

Collective Agreements

Reference the appropriate collective agreement for information about employee leave and requesting medical documentation.

CUPE 917 Article 23.06

CUPE 951 Article 23.07

CUPE 4163 Article 17.13

Faculty Association Article 39

PEA Article 17.9

Short term absence - Request for Physician’s Certificate

As a manager/supervisor you are responsible for approving sick leave for your employee.  The Physician’s Certificate may be used to obtain medical evidence of an employee’s ability to work in any of the following circumstances:

  • where the supervisor or manager requires information in support of sick leave as per the employee’s applicable collective agreement
  • where it appears that a pattern of consistent or frequent absence from work is developing
  • where previous information indicates a medical review date or anticipated return to work date that date has passed
  • where a supervisor or manager requires medical clearance of an employee’s ability to return to work

Where an employee has provided satisfactory evidence for a particular absence due to a medical illness or injury it is not necessary for the supervisor or manager to request completion of the Physician’s Certificate.

The completed form must clearly state the functional limitations impacting the employee’s ability to perform their job. This does not require detailing the actual diagnosis, but rather the limitations and restrictions resulting from the diagnosis. If the information provided in the physician’s certificate is not sufficient or if there are other concerns please contact the assigned Work-Life Consultant.

Web leave entry

As a manager/supervisor it is your responsibility to ensure your employee’s leave is being used appropriately and the employee is recording their leave in web leave entry. While the employee is on sick leave you may need enter the hours on their behalf. For assistance on web leave management, email

Return to work with modifications to duties and/or hours

For a routine case where there are no concerns about the absence, a return to work is likely within one month, there are no workplace issues or barriers for a return, and you are able to temporarily accommodate the employee without assistance, it is the manager/supervisor responsiblity to create the Return to Work Plan.

CUPE 917/951 – Documenting a Simple Return to Work

PEA - Accommodation Plan

Excluded Employees - Accommodation Plan

Extension of sick leave or change in accommodation

If the sick leave extends beyond a month or the accommodation is not manageable, notify the assigned Work-Life Consultant.


Accommodation Plan

Simple Return to Work Plan

Collective Agreements

Physician’s Certificate