WSBC, Modified Duties Planning

When an employee requires medical attention due to a workplace injury, complete the following steps to support the employee’s participation in Modified Duties Planning. 

1. Provide your injured/ill employee with a Functional Capabilities Form FCF to take to their physician/health care provider.
  • Ask the employee to share with the physician/health care provider how their work may be modified to allow them to recover at work.
  • Modified duties may include,
    • Reducing hours of work.
    • Limiting specific movements.
    • Limiting specific duties.
    • Modified duties may also include duties that are not part of an employee’s job description.

 2. Connect with the to develop a Modified Duties Plan.

  • Confirm the injured employee’s regular duties and responsibilities.
  • Discuss the department’s operational requirements.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the Modified Duties Plan. 

 3. Support your injured/ill employee to recover at work.

  • Maintain regular contact throughout the period of injury/illness. Keeping connected can be an important source of support and encouragement.
  • Communicate any reported or observed challenges with the Modified Duties Plan to the WorkSafe Consultant.
  • Contribute to the regular review of the Modified Duties Plan with your injured/ill employee, the union, and the WorkSafe Consultant.


The WorkSafe Consultant will facilitate all aspects of Modified Duties Planning with you, the injured/ill Employee, their union, their physician/health care provider, and WorkSafeBC.

 For more information on Modified Duties Planning through the Claims Management Program, please contact David Morgan at or 250-721-6379.