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Energy & Water Management

  • Management of utilities on campus including electricity, natural gas, fuel, and water
  • Monitoring and data analysis of energy, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Identification, assessment, and implementation of opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption
  • Identification and assessment of cost-effective, low-carbon alternative energy opportunities that are compatible with campus energy infrastructure
  • Collaboration with the Office of Campus Planning & Sustainability to promote an energy and resource conservation culture in the university community
  • Research of new technologies to improve building and campus energy efficiency
  • Greenhouse gas reporting as per Bill 44: the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act
  • Achieve the energy and water conservation goals in the UVic Sustainability Action Plan for Campus Operations 2014 - 2019

Who can use this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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Other information

The following are some of the technologies used to reduce energy and water consumption:

  • Efficient LED lighting for interior & exterior
  • Interior lighting control using occupancy
  • Daylighting control using photocells
  • Computer workstation power management software.
  • Variable Speed Drives for electric motors
  • High efficiency domestic water heaters
  • Vending machine electrical economizers
  • Current sensing workstation power bars
  • Replacement of pneumatic actuators with electronic actuators
  • High efficiency electric motors
  • Low consumption water fixtures
  • Variable volume ventilation systems
  • Expansion of computerized HVAC control system
  • Exhaust hood demand ventilation control
  • Ventilation heat exchangers
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation using CO2, VOC, Humidity, and Airflow Sensors
  • Occupant behavioural engagement programs
  • Sanitary water heat recovery systems
  • Heat pump technology
  • Utility sub metering and data archiving
  • Fault Detection Analytics Software

Sustainability Action Plan

The Sustainability Action Plan identifies key goals and actions for energy and water conservation to be achieved by 2019


  • Goal 1: Achieve a total institutionalized greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 30% by 2019, relative to 2010 as the baseline year.
  • Goal 2: Reduce campus electricity consumption intensity by 8% by 2019, relative to 2010 as the baseline year
  • Goal 3: Reduce campus natural gas consumption intensity by 12% by 219, relative to 2010 as the baseline year
  • Goal 4: Implement renewable energy demonstration projects on campus that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy use.


  • Goal 1: Reduce campus water consumption by 25% by 2019, relative to a 2010 baseline year.
  • Goal 2: Retrofit 25 water fountains in campus buildings for easy refilling of personal water bottles.

Integrated Energy Master Plan

  • This Integrated Energy Master Plan identifies key future opportunities to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The master plan aims to harmonize the university's Strategic Plan, Campus Plan and Sustainability Action Plan to ensure its objectives are met.