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Know where to go! Washrooms are located in every building on campus and supported by Custodial Services. Some washrooms are equipped with additional features listed below.

Who can use this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Community members

How do I request or access this service?

Washrooms are open and available when exterior building doors are open and unlocked. Most university offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Buildings containing libraries, lab facilities and many other services and activities have extended hours of operation. More information is available on the Campus hours website.


Universal washrooms

Universal washroom can be accessed by people of every gender, and with a full range of identities, abilities and social positions. 

Pads and tampons

Free menstrual products are provided as part of a pilot project in academic buildings on campus. Washrooms are all located on the first floor of select academic buildings. Locations will be updated as the pilot project moves foward, more information is available on the project website.

Building Location
Bob Wright
  • Universal washroom - A121
  • Universal washroom - 107
  • Women's - C105
  • Men's - C107
  • Universal washroom - D119
  • Universal washroom - A150
David Strong
  • Universal washroom - C129
David Turpin
  • Women's - A116
Elliot Lecture Theatre
  • Women's - 068
Engineering and Computer Science
  • Women's - 170
  • Universal washroom - 172
First Peoples House
  • Universal washroom - D117
  • Universal washroom - 136
Harry Hickman
  • Universal washroom - 122
Human and Social Development
  • Women's - A217
  • Women's - A141
  • Universal washroom - A185
  • Universal washroom - A168
McPherson Library
  • Biblio Universal washrooms - 110D, 110E
Visual Arts
  • Universal washroom A125