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Know where to go! Washrooms are located in every building on campus and supported by Custodial Services. Some washrooms are equipped with additional features. Review the searchable list below to find the closest washroom with additional features that suit you best.

Washroom Services

Washrooms are open and available when exterior building doors are open and unlocked. Most university offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Buildings with libraries, lab facilities and many other services and activities have extended hours of operation. More information is available on the Campus hours website.

Bob Wright CentreA121Inclusive single-stallShower and change roomsFree menstrual products
Campus Services Building050a, 050b, 102bInclusive single-stall
CARSA105Inclusive single-stall
CARSA107Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
Clearihue BuildingC045, C047Inclusive single-stall
Clearihue BuildingC105, C107Free menstrual products
Clearihue BuildingD119Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
Continuing Studies Building069, 071Inclusive single-stall
Cornett BuildingA150Inclusive single-stallShower and change roomsFree menstrual products
Cunningham BuildingA047Inclusive single-stall
David Strong BuildingC129Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
David Turpin BuildingA344, A324, A422, A242, A522, A524Inclusive single-stall
David Turpin BuildingA220Inclusive single-stallShower and change rooms
David Turpin BuildingA116Free menstrual products
David Turpin BuildingB135, B136, B137, B138Inclusive single-stall
Elliott Lab Wing220,221Inclusive single-stall
Elliott Lecture Wing068Free menstrual products
Engineering and Computer Science Building170Free menstrual products
Engineering and Computer Science Building174, 179Shower and change rooms
Engineering and Computer Science Building172Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
Engineering Lab WingB112Inclusive single-stallShower and change rooms
Engineering Office Wing218Inclusive single-stall
Fine Arts205Inclusive single-stall
First Peoples House117Inclusive single-stallShower and change roomsFree menstrual products
Murray and Anne Fraser Building136Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
Murray and Anne Fraser Building110, 111Inclusive single-stall
Murray and Anne Fraser Building254Inclusive single-stall
Harry Hickman Building122Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
Health and Wellness BuildingB153Inclusive multi-stall
Health and Wellness Building221Inclusive single-stallShower and change rooms
Human and Social DevelopmentA217Free menstrual products
Hut E129Inclusive single-stall
Ian Stewart Complex280Inclusive single-stall
MacLaurin BuildingD108,D104Inclusive multi-stall
MacLaurin BuildingA141Free menstrual products
MacLaurin BuildingA185Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
MacLaurin BuildingA184Inclusive single-stall
Mckinnon Building168Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
McPherson Library110d, 110eInclusive single-stallFree menstrual products
Medical Sciences Building004, 134Inclusive single-stall
Phoenix Theatre150Inclusive single-stall
Saunders Annex135, 137Inclusive single-stall
Sedgewick BuildingC122, C124, C169, C170Inclusive single-stall
Sedgewick BuildingA141Inclusive single-stall
Student Union BuildingA116Inclusive single-stall
Student Union BuildingB101b, B206Inclusive single-stall
University CentreB227Inclusive single-stall
University House 1010, 103Inclusive single-stall
University House 2112Inclusive single-stall
University House 3107Inclusive single-stall
University House 4102, 203Inclusive single-stall
Visual Arts BuildingA125Inclusive single-stallFree menstrual products

Glossary of Washroom Terms

"Inclusive" (or "Universal") means spaces that can be accessed by people of every gender.

These washrooms are essential if we want a campus that can be accessed by a diversity of students, faculty, staff and community members. The ready availability of safe and comfortable washroom options is a basic requirement to support the diverse community that studies, works, lives and visits the campus. Not providing such spaces creates a systemic barrier which unfairly limits access for some groups. UVic is committed to being an accessible campus and to welcoming a diversity of people.

Free menstrual products are provided as part of a pilot project in academic buildings on campus. Washrooms are all located on the first floor of select academic buildings. Locations will be updated as the pilot project moves foward, more information is available on the project website.

Single-stall washrooms are, at the very minimum, small, lockable rooms with a toilet and sink. Check the list above for washroom amenities.

All washrooms with showers and change rooms are lockable.  

Here is a map of all the End of Trip Facilities which include showers.