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Sustainable furniture

Facilities Management take great care in the selection of all commercial furniture on campus. Every effort is made to ensure that our furniture is as green as possible while still meeting our quality and functional design requirements.

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  • Faculty
  • Staff

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We have strategic alliance contacts with approved furniture suppliers that offer furniture made from renewable resources like wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or with recycled materials from other industries, like 100 per cent recycled polyester to name a couple.

All of our manufacturers are committed to the health and wellness of their clients and the worlds' environment and produce products that are Green Guard Certified and or manufactured in factories that are certified with ISO 14001.

Increasingly, more research and development is going into commercial furniture and we are seeing real cradle to cradle programs from manufacturers where they take back their products and recycle them on our behalf or the products can be easily disassembled to allow our staff to then recycle accordingly.