Featured story: How to decommission greenhouses – sustainably

Featured story: How to decommission greenhouses

How do you solve a problem like disposing of old greenhouses sustainably?

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Sustainability tips for living in Residence

Sustainability tips for living in Residence

Check out our guide for easy tips on how to live greener in your dorm and around campus! (PDF)

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Staff Sustainability Network

Want to get involved with Sustainability at UVic? Join the Staff Sustainability Network and collaborate with like-minded colleagues on issues that matter.

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Share the Space campaign

Help make sure UVic stays both pedestrian and cycling-friendly by sharing the space!

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UVic's 2015 Carbon Neutral Action Report

UVic hit the milestone of a 30% reduction in annual emissions at end of 2015.

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Finding new and creative solutions

At the University of Victoria, we strive to model sustainability -- applying ingenuity to find new and creative solutions and practices that can serve as examples for others.

This website is designed to be a hub for sustainability-related information on the University of Victoria campus. We invite you to explore our green initiatives.


Sustainability Fund

UVic is piloting a new tool to accelerate the number of sustainability projects on campus.


Sustainability Action

One of the main roles of our Office is to report on the progress UVic is making on our sustainability commitments.

Waste Reduction


UVic waste reduction wants you to sort it out. Found out more here:


Bike stand

UVic is committed to making it easier for students, staff, and faculty to get to campus without their cars.



Spokes is UVic's unique bicycle recycling program that gives new life to old bikes.


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