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Design and construction resources

UVic Strategic Plan

The UVic Strategic Plan confirms the fundamental vision, mission and goals of the University moving forward into the future.

UVic Campus Plan

The University of Victoria Campus Plan serves as the highest level design resource. This plan addresses future physical change and stability on the Gordon Head campus of the University of Victoria. It presents a vision, and complementary principles, goals and policy directions as a guide. These are followed by a series of commitments to further actions that make the vision "come alive."

This plan is shaped by, and responds to, the priorities of the university's strategic plan as well as the unique ecological, humanistic and community context of this remarkably beautiful campus.

Sustainability resources

Backed by the University Sustainability Policy, the UVic sustainability action plan outlines the goals set out in the strategic plan, to assist the university community in incorporating sustainability into decision making.

It provides a common understanding of what sustainability means at the University of Victoria. The university is committed to sustainable approaches to design and construction for all projects on the campus.

Design and construction standards and guidelines

The UVic design and construction standards provide the technical requirements set out by the university for all capital projects, renovations and maintenance work executed on the campus.

These standards are intended for architects, engineers, and other design professionals who provide services to the university, and contractors performing work at the university.

UVic consultant information package

The consultant information package provides general background information on the university and a listing of our standard contracting and procurement documentation for use on all uyniversity capital projects.

Health, Safety and Environmental Handbook for university contractors

The Health, Safety and Environmental Handbook for University Contractors identifies specific responsibilities, communicates the availability of hazard information for university properties and outlines UVic’s safety and environmental procedures.

British Columbia Universities Space Manual

The BC Universities Space Manual provides common definitions of buildings, measurement standards and room use codes so that the reported space data are consistent and comparable across BC Universities.

The data is used by the university for effective management and use of existing facilities, to support maintenance and operating cost recovery process, for planning for future new buildings and for the retirement of obsolete facilities.

The data is also used by the Ministry of Advanced Education to support new building needs, for the allocation of capital funding for repair and renovation, to evaluate building efficiency, and for cross-university comparison.