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The operations division is responsible for the maintenance of the campus physical plant. We provide the physical environment and support services necessary for teaching and service activities through professional management of the maintenance of the buildings and infrastructure of the university.

The trades workforce is allocated between five shops. They provide a wide range of building maintenance services from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. There are also shift engineers who work 12 hour shifts, seven days a week.

Service areas

Emergency services

For emergency building services after normal business hours, weekends and holidays contact the Campus Security Services emergency line 250-721-7599.

Service Area and Services Rendered Action Base Service  (Determined by FM) Supplementary Service (Requested)
Carpenter's Shop      
Install prefabricated cabinets, drawers, panels, etc. Install/New  
Install whiteboards, tack boards  shelving, lock box etc. Install/New  
Keys - first issue, broken etc. Repair/Maint x  
Lock/padlock   Install/New  
Keys - subsidary issue, lost, etc. Install/New  
Lock/door hardware   Repair/Maint x  
Install new wooden finishings Install/New  
Build and install wooden finishings Install/New  
New install signage; interior and exterior Install/New  
Repair and rebuild wooden finishing's Repair/Maint x  
Repair and replacement of door and window hardware Repair/Maint x  
Install and replace washroom accessaries Repair/Maint x  
Repair wooden furnishings (interior and exterior)  Repair/Maint x  
Repair millwork - custom laboratory, shelving, etc. Repair/Maint x  
Repair signage Repair/Maint x  
Repair whiteboards, shelving, lock box etc. Repair/Maint x  
Routine inspections  Repair/Maint x  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support Service  
Cleaning Services      
Attend to spills and minor floods Service x  
Clean and sanitize washrooms Service x  
Clean building entrances up to 3m outside door area Service x  
Clean windows (interior and exterior) Service x  
Clean student lockers Service x  
Clean floors  Service x  
Inside pest control Service x  
Remove graffiti (interior) Service x  
Replenish dispensers in washrooms and lounges Service x  
Strip or scrub and refinish floors Service x  
Upkeep of entrance mats  Service x  
Vacuum carpets Service x  
Clean-up after functions/special events  Service  
Dust window sills, baseboards, cleared desk tops, counters (not in hazordous labs)  Service x  
Empty waste and recycling receptacles in common areas  Service x  
Set up tables and chairs for academic functions  Service x  
Set up tables and chairs for functions/special events  Service  
Dusting furniture Service  
Carpet cleaning/maintenance cleaning (spotting, stain removal) Service x  
Restorative carpet extraction/clean (12 - 18month cycle)  Service x  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support Service  
Electrical Shop      
Electrical installation Install/New  
Install outlets  Install/New  
Repair lighting systems and clocks Repair/Maint x  
Repair motor controller and transformers Repair/Maint x  
Maintain building electrical distribution panels Repair/Maint x  
Maintain high voltage system and substation Repair/Maint x  
Maintain lighting control system for lecture halls Repair/Maint x  
Receptacles and switches Repair/Maint x  
Service and repair electric motors Repair/Maint x  
Service electrical supply system for automatic door opening devices Repair/Maint x  
Service interior and exterior building light fixtures Repair/Maint x  
Test and service emergency generators and lighting Repair/Maint x  
Test and Service fire alarm systems Repair/Maint x  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support  Service  
Grounds Maintenance      
Campus road, sidewalks and curbs Repair/Maint x  
Power washing Repair/Maint x  
Green roof maintenance Repair/Maint x  
Irrigation and storm water drains Repair/Maint x  
Lawns, and landscaping  Repair/Maint x  
Pedestrian corridors, fire lanes, pathways and trails  Repair/Maint x  
Pest control outside of buildings Service x  
Snow removal and ice control Service x  
Stewardship of natural lands and water sheds Repair/Maint x  
Sidewalks and roads Repair/Maint x  
Graffitti removal (Exterior)  Repair/Maint x  
Turf and artificial sport field surface conditioning Repair/Maint x  
Sign holder and sandwich board rental  Service  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support Service  
Distribution Services      
Internal delivery service  Service  
Chair/furniture delivery, office moves and setup Service  
Table, chair and rolling tackboard rental   Service  
Surplus asset moving Service  
Mail pickup and delivery (Canada Post)  Service x  
Interdepartmental furniture moves Service  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support  Service  
Mechanical Shop      
Building temperature control adjustments Repair/Maint x  
Heating/cooling system maintenance Repair/Maint x  
Maintain central heating plants and heating lines Repair/Maint x  
Ice rink and swimming pool equipment Repair/Maint x  
Scheduled preventative maintenance of building mechanical systems   Repair/Maint x  
Repair and maintain kitchen equipment Repair/Maint x  
Service equipment and vehicles Repair/Maint x  
Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment Repair/Maint x  
Metal fabrication / sheet metal and welding    Repair/Maint x  
Test and service of fire extinguisghers and fire suppression systems  Repair/Maint x  
Test and Service Emergency generators Repair/Maint x  
Fume hoods  Repair/Maint x  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support  Service  
Paint Shop      
Fabricate vinyl signage Install/New  
Finish shelving and millwork finishes Install/New  
Window replacement  Repair/Maint x  
Install vinyl wall coverings Install/New x  
Interior and exterior painting Repair/Maint x  
Drywall and ceiling tile repair and replacement Repair/Maint x  
Carpet and vinyl floor materials Repair/Maint x  
Caulking and sealants  Repair/Maint x  
Repair ceramic tile, glazing, brickwork and plaster Repair/Maint x  
Grafitti removal  Repair/Maint x  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support  Service  
Plumbing Shop      
Chemical waste systems in labs Repair/Maint x  
Domestic hot and cold water systems Repair/Maint x  
Roof, gutters and drainage systems Repair/Maint x  
Sanitary sewer and perimeter drainage Repair/Maint x  
Natural gas and air distribution systems Repair/Maint x  
Neutralization chambers and distillation equipment Repair/Maint x  
Repair swimming pool piping Repair/Maint x  
Test and service fire sprinkler systems, valves, hydrants, etc. Repair/Maint x  
Irrigation and storm water drains Repair/Maint x  
Maintain plumbing fixtures Repair/Maint x  
Test backflow prevention devices Repair/Maint x  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Event support  Service  
Waste Reduction       
Garbage collection and disposal Service X  
Clean paper and paper packaging  recycling  Service X  
Plastic, metal and paper container recycling Service X  
Glass recycling Service X  
Styrofoam recycling Service X  
Soft plastics recycling Service X  
Cardboard recycling Service X  
Battery recycling Service X  
Electronics recycling Service X  
Lamp recycling Service X  
Toner cartridge recycling Service X  
Electronic media recycling Service X  
Pallet recycling Service X  
Furniture recycling Service X  
Special event garbage and recycling equipment Service  
Special activity garbage and recycling equipment Service  
General Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance      
Roof inspection Repair/Maint x  
Safety inspections  Repair/Maint x  
Elevator  Repair/Maint x  
Customer requested overtime Service  
Customer requested custom fabrications   Service  
Project Management Services       
Project management services for capital construction projects Service  
Project feasibility studies and project budget cost estimates  Service  
Project Planning Services       
Design and construction standards and guildline delevopment  Service x  
Preparation of capital funding requests  Service  x  
Building systems renewal planning Service x  
Interior Modification Services       
Interior modifications to existing space Service   
Interior furnishings and finishes standards development Service x  
Create furniture, fixture, millwork and equipment layouts Service x  
Order and delivery of furnishings: furniture, window coverings etc. Service x
Design consulting and feasibility studies Service  
Flooring repalcement  Service  
Surplus furniture management  Service  
Drafting technologists       
Emergency and fire evacuation signage, and assembly plans  Service x  
Campus map updates Service x  
Interior and exterior signage design   Service x  
Updating of campus AutoCAD drawings to record as built conditions Service x  
Space records management  Service x  
Project related graphics, custom maps and site plans  Service  
Fundraising materials development Service  
Events information signage and map customization Service  
Production of in-house drawings for millwork, signage, etc  Service  
Furniture inventory and AutoCAD layouts of existing conditions Service  
Billing Method  
Paid by Central  x
Paid by Department  *
Base Service:  Minimum level of service required. Level, standard and frequency to be determined by FM
Note: a Base Service may be provided as a Supplementary Service at the request of a Unit
Supplementary Service: Level, standard and frequency to be determined by requestor