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Co-op Terms and Conditions

As a UVic co-op student, you'll agree to the Terms and Conditions before starting your first work term. This means you'll agree to:

  • follow the general and program-specific regulations in UVic's academic calendar
  • act according to UVic's policy on academic integrity
  • successfully complete a co-op prep course as specified by your co-op program area

The formal Terms and Conditions includes additional details. You'll review and sign the detailed version after being admitted to the co-op program.

During your search for work

When looking for a work term, you agree to:

  • keep information about co-op postings or employers private and respect that the portal is password protected
  • let your co-op office know if you plan to develop your own work term position and provide the job description, offer letter and other documents to your office before the start date (we'll determine if the position meets co-op criteria)
  • attend all interviews that you're shortlisted for until you secure a work term
  • let your co-op office know if you are no longer interested in a co-op position after you complete an interview

Reviewing job offers

If you are offered a co-op position, you will respond to a job offer within 24 hours and let your office know if you plan to decline a job offer as soon as possible.

If you choose to accept a job offer, you agree to the salary outlined by the employer. 

Accepting job offers

Once you accept a co-op position or set up your own work term, you agree to take part in and complete that work term as agreed and in its entirety.