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Graduate students

group of graduate students

Take part in the largest graduate co-op program in Canada by putting your skills into practice in the workplace.

  • you’ll get paid and earn 3.0 units of credit for each co-op term you complete
  • this credit will go towards your co-op designation and doesn’t replace your academic credit

Many grad students do co-ops that connect to their final projects, theses or dissertations. If you’re already working closely with a faculty member or industry partner on research related to your project, this might count as a work term.

Co-op scholarships

When you take part in graduate co-op, you could qualify for scholarships such as the Joyce Clearihue Graduate Co-op Scholarship and the Peninsula Co-op Award.

How to apply

Almost all master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral students can do co-op.

To apply: 

  • check with your graduate adviser and department to make sure it will fit with your academic schedule
  • choose if full co-op or work experience is the best fit for you
  • connect with the co-op program in your program area. You can chat about existing work and how this might relate to co-op, or find new opportunities

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