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Orientation checklist

Taking the time to cover important information during the first week can help co-op students settle in—for many students, this may be their first time in this type of work environment.

Basic workplace info

  • the workplace address, mailing address and phone number
  • the supervisor’s name, title, email and phone number(s)
  • the student’s position title, email address and work phone number

Hours of work

  • work start and end times as well as break times
  • overtime policies and procedures
  • policies for medical and other appointments
  • what to do if late or absent

HR and payroll

  • HR paperwork
  • how the pay process works, including how and how often

Policies and procedures

  • how to use the voicemail and calendar system, plus appropriate greetings and signatures
  • policies around phone use (e.g., long distance calls, use of personal devices, whether personal calls/texts are permitted)
  • details about the organizational structure and communication channels
  • which meetings to attend 
  • travel policies, if applicable
  • administrative support

Work environment

  • location of and access to restrooms
  • location of eating and break areas, as well as workplace policies
  • where to find supplies and how to request them
  • where to access reference materials and manuals as well as updates and notices
  • information about commuting, including bike and car parking facilities
  • workplace access details (e.g., access hours, keys, security passes)

Hardware and software

  • WiFi and network access details
  • which computers and software should be used
  • how to use network printers, scanners and copiers
  • what distribution lists to sign up for or use
  • any relevant computer systems policies

Wellbeing and safety

  • first aid protocols, including the name of the first aid attendant and how to contact them
  • locations of first aid kits, fire extinguishers and emergency exits
  • how to report safety concerns, accidents, harassment or discrimination
  • how to sign out equipment and find safety information on materials
  • how to safely operate equipment and use personal protective equipment