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Self-report your grades

If you're a current grade 12 student at a Canadian high school (including offshore and IB schools), you must self-report your interim/final grade 11 and 12 marks or predicted IB grades through your UVic application.

When to self-report

Self-reporting opens on February 15 and closes on March 15. You will only be able to access the self-reporting section of your application after you receive your introductory email from your admission assistant.

You can only self-report your grades once. Make sure to wait until you know your midterm grades or feel you can provide a reasonable estimate of the final grades you will achieve.

How to self-report

To self-report your grades, log into your profile in the UVic application portal. After logging in, you'll be able to check the status of your application and self-report your grades using the link provided.

All self-reported grades are subject to verification.

Distance/online courses

You must have already completed 50% or more of the course assignments/tests to self-report an online course, if taken through a distance-learning provider and not your regular high school.

You must finish the course no later than May 31. The distance-learning provider must submit your final grade to the Ministry of Education by the end of June to be included on your official transcript.

Conditional offers of admission

If you meet all of the admission requirements for your program and have a satisfactory admission average, you will be eligible to receive an early conditional offer of admission.

If you don't receive an early conditional offer based on your self-reported grades, we will re-evaluate your application after receiving your updated official grades.

  • If you are in BC or Ontario, we will re-evaluate your application after receiving your electronic grades.
  • For all other Canadian provinces and territories, we will re-evaluate your application if you send us your midterm transcript with updated grades by April 30.

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