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Defer your offer

If you've been admitted to a first-year program for September entry and have accepted your offer, you can ask to defer your admission for one year to the next September.

Can I defer my offer?

You can request a deferral for reasons such as:

  • participation in an exchange or volunteer program
  • financial need
  • mandatory military service
  • physical or mental health concerns
  • gap year
  • other extenuating circumstances

You can not defer your admission in order to attend another post-secondary institution.

Deferral deadline

The deadline to submit a deferral request is August 1.


  • Deferrals are only available to first-year students who have accepted their admission offers; all others must reapply.
  • All conditions of the admission offer must be met before the deferral decision can be made (i.e. after final grades have been received).
  • If you attend another post-secondary institution your deferral will be cancelled, and you'll have to reapply for admission to UVic.
  • Deferrals are only granted once per student.

Housing & scholarships

  • If you are eligible for first-year housing and your deferral is approved, you will still be eligible when you start at UVic.
  • If you've been offered an entrance scholarship, contact to discuss your intention to defer.

Apply for deferral

Deferral requests for September 2022 will open on February 1, 2022.

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