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Homeschooled students

Homeschooled students should follow the general admission process for high school students. After you submit your application, you'll need to:

  • show proof that you completed a program that meets graduation requirements from a recognized educational curriculum (e.g. an official transcript)
  • write any provincial examinations (or equivalents) required by your curriculum.

If your studies are following a recognized educational curriculum, you'll be able to report your grades and submit official transcripts to prove that you meet the graduation requirements. No additional steps are necessary.

When to submit an appeal

If you don't meet the requirements above, you'll need to submit an appeal to UVic. After receiving your introductory email from your admission assistant, contact them to discuss your homeschooling and get advice on your next steps.

Your appeal should include:

  • a letter explaining why you can't meet the standard admission requirements
  • any relevant documentation that supports your potential for success, such as:
    • academic transcripts
    • Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) scores
    • Advanced Placement (AP) results
    • Conservatory of Music courses
    • resumes
    • letters of reference

Need help?

Before you apply: If you have a general question about the application process or studying at UVic, contact your UVic recruiter.

After you apply: If you have a specific question about your application to UVic, contact your assigned admission assistant.