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Expanded Qualifications

UVic is dedicated to forging leaders and creating social change, and we welcome students who have shown sustained and meaningful community engagement and/or leadership. Through the Expanded Qualifications admission category, you can support your application to UVic by telling us about other qualities that demonstrate your ability to succeed at university.

A limited number of students are admitted each year under the Expanded Qualifications admission category, and academic performance is still the main criterion for admission to UVic.


Expanded Qualifications is optional, and you only need to submit if you're concerned that your grades will not be sufficient for admission to UVic.

To be considered for Expanded Qualifications, you must:

  • be a current, graduating student at a Canadian high school
  • be applying to one of the following faculties: Engineering and Computer Science, Humanities, Science or Social Sciences
  • meet the minimum academic requirements for the faculty/program to which you are applying

How to apply

  1. Apply for general admission to UVic.
  2. Prepare and submit a Personal Information Profile according to the requirements of your faculty:

More information

Contact Undergraduate Admissions for more information.