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Devin Owpaluk

Political Science

Devin Owpaluk

Using technology to connect culturally

Devin Owpaluk gained more than professional skills during his internship at UVic. Through the Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement (IACE), he was able to support fellow students too.

Devin, who is Inuit, completed his internship in the summer of 2020. Online learning made it hard for Indigenous students to access the cultural supports they needed. To address this barrier, Devin created videos of Elders sharing prayers and words of guidance. They were featured in virtual student orientation and graduation ceremonies.

Reflecting on the experience, Devin says he learned many things that will serve him well in the future. “Working with our Indigenous Elders was a humbling experience,” he says. “I’m so grateful I had this opportunity to give back and connect more with my Indigenous community.”

About Political Science

Political science is the study of power, authority and governance in human affairs. We examine the social, economic, cultural, historical, geographical and other forces that generate conflicts in and between societies.

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About IACE

The Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement (IACE) leads the implementation of UVic’s Indigenous Plan and supports the success of Indigenous students by coordinating educational, financial and cultural resources on campus and in local communities.

IACE's main priority is supporting Indigenous student success. We are also responsible for managing the First Peoples House, building and supporting Indigenous partnerships, and ensuring that Indigenous content and ways of knowing are included in UVic curriculum and events.