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Congratulations to Dr. Valerie D'Erman, winner of the 2017 Gilian Sherwin Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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13 November 2019

Oliver Schmidtke, Political Science, and Jordan Stanger-Ross, History, comment in a CBC OpEd on why the People's Party of Canada election result shouldn't be underestimated. CBC

6 November 2019

Jamie Lawson comments on who will replace Elizabeth May as Green Party leader and also on what May's role in the party may be after a new leader has been selected. (News 1130)

5 November 2019

Grace Lore comments on the future of social conservatism in Canada and the roadblocks that women face in federal politics despite a new record number of women elected to Canada's 43rd Parliament. CBC Radio

30 October 2019

Oliver Schmidtke comments on results of Germany's state elections and the significance of the Alternative for Germany party's win in eastern Germany. CTV Link

29 October 2019

Reeta Tremblay and Michelle Bonner write about how Narenda Modi's government in India uses the media to further its goals. The Conversation Canada