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Woman photographer outdoors holding a book titled 'European Union Politics'
Congratulations to Dr. Valerie D'Erman, winner of the 2017 Gilian Sherwin Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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26 August 2022
Will Greaves comments on how Russia's invasion of Ukraine has re-opened the eyes of the federal government to the importance of defending the Arctic. The Globe and Mail

17 August 2022
Justin Leifso
comments on voting rights in municipal elections for non-resident property owners. Capital Daily

22 July 2022
Matt James and
Oliver Schmidtke authored an OpEd in the Toronto Star about Pope Francis' upcoming visit to Canada and how a papal apology to Indigenous survivors of residential schools in the right spirit could provide much needed inspiration and guidance to Canadians. Link

18 July 2022
Michelle Bonner
comments on how publicizing a Vic PD viral video on such a public platform criminalized the youth involved and could have affected the teens' chances of getting support. Link to Tyee article

7 July 2022 
Will Greaves
comments on Global News about whether the January 6 riot could inspire extremist groups to stage similar events in Canada as political experts weigh in on the impact of the US Capitol attack and its aftermath on Canadian democracy. Link