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Congratulations to Dr. Valerie D'Erman, winner of the 2017 Gilian Sherwin Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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16 January 2020

Colin Bennett's research featured in special issue of Internet Policy Review which signals the necessary questions for academics and regulators in the years ahead. Link

6 January 2020

Oliver Schmidtke joins CTV News to discuss the impact of the US President and impeachment proceedings on world politics.

6 January 2020

Reeta Tremblay joins CTV News to talk about the political tension in India regarding new citizenship laws.

6 January 2020

Colin Bennett writes in the Globe and Mail about the Liberal government's "digital charter" which aims to protect the online privacy of Canadians from big tech companies. Bennett discusses the new regulations and how privacy protection laws apply to political parties using these online platforms. Globe and Mail

16 December 2019

Oliver Schmidtke joins CTV News' national evening program to comment on the UK general election and how Brexit may have played a contributing factor in the Labour party's loss.