Indigenous Studies

Students carving a canoe

Honoring excellence

"Sharing what one has learned is an important Indigenous tradition" — Jo-Ann Archibald

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A Pow Wow ceremony in the First Peoples House


"As an Indigenous presence surfaces within Western universities, it brings with it all that is Indigenous: thought, custom, culture, practice, and self" — Margaret Kovach

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A ceremony in the First Peoples House

Integrative thinking

Integrative thinking reveals the big picture.

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The First Peoples House

Our community

Our community is pleased to welcome you to the University of Victoria. Photo: Nic LeHou.

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Honouring excellence, tradition, community

Indigenous art
We acknowledge, with much respect,
the territory of the Coast and Straits
Salish people.

Indigenous Studies (IS) invites both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to explore a critical contemporary issue: the social, political, cultural and historical contexts that have shaped—and continue to shape—the lives of Indigenous peoples.

The program is centred on Indigenous knowledges and pedagogies. It encourages intercultural understanding on campus, in community and on the land.

Our program creates a space where Indigenous and non-Indigenous students can build community and foster their success, and it prepares students from across the university to undertake challenging work in Indigenous communities in respectful ways.

In fall 2018, we will launch a new major in Indigenous Studies to complement our existing minor.

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